Our Products
  Micromatic Polishing Drums
  Micromatic Two Seater Faceting Machine Table Top Model
  Micromatic Caliberating & Cabochon Machine
  Micromatic Ultra Sonic Drilling Machine
  Micromatic High Speed Sawing Machine ( TRIMSAW )Micromatic
  Faceting Machine – 3d Double Plate
  Micromatic Concave Cutting-Polishing Machine
  Micromatic Girdle Caliberating(with out doping) Machine
  Emerald Oilng & Crack Filling Machine
  Green Polishing Lap
  Vibratory Polisher

Micromatic Engineering Industries occupies a pre-eminent position in the market as manufacturers, exporters, Of Gemstone making machine & equipment from India under the brand name of Micromatic.
Situated at Gem city Jaipur. We specialize in professional mass production machines, Capable of delivering accurate & higher out put. Since 15 years we are regularly up grading our machines working shoulder to shoulder with actual users.

Micromatic Engineering Industry
C-41, Industrial Area
22, Godam, Jaipur
Ph : 0141-2214053
Mob : +91-9214562314, 9252165345
Email : microgems@hotmail.com
Visit Us : www.micromaticengineering.com

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